4-6-16 former wi congressman says kasich has best chance of winning in november

A former Republican congressman from Wisconsin says Ohio governor John Kasich still has the best chance of beating the Democratic  presidential nominee in November.  Kasich was expected to finish third in the Wisconsin primary Tuesday.  But former congressman Scott Klug says he’s not convinced that Ted Cruz can win a national contest.  “I think the math gets really tough for Cruz on out.  I think its going to be hard for a southern evangelical to win in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, and Delaware and Maryland which is where the next slate of races are,”  Klug told AM 1170 WFDL’s Between the Lines program.  “Then they go to the Pacific Northwest in Washington and Oregon and California.  So I think going into the convention John will be the candidate with the momentum over the last month of the election.”   Klug says he believes that delegates will realize at a contested convention that Kasich is their best choice.