2-13-18 state supreme court candidate-judge rebecca dallet

Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Rebecca Dallet says she is the moderate candidate for state Supreme Court.  Dallet is squaring off in the February 20 primary election against liberal Madison attorney Tim Burns and conservative Sauk County Circuit judge Michael Screnock.  Dallet says if she is elected she would handle each case on its own merits and work to make sure people’s rights are not being violated.  Dallet says both of her opponents would legislate from the bench.  “My opponent Mr. Burns is someone who is saying what the law should be and is giving opinions about specific issues that could come in front of the court,”  Dallet told AM 1170s Between the Lines program.  “My other opponent, judge Screnock; he’s being funded, taking money from the Republican party, from conservative groups, and he is going to be a rubber stamp for the legislature.”      Dallet made the comments on AM 1170s Between the Lines program.