3-14-18 assembly speaker would welcome school safety special session

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Republican Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Tuesday he would welcome a special legislative session to address school safety as students across the state prepared to walk out of their classes to demand tighter gun restrictions.  Gov. Scott Walker has been collaborating with Republican lawmakers on a package of school safety bills. He has said he doesn’t support arming teachers and has hinted at improving building security to prevent shooters from entering but has offered no specifics on the bills.  The Assembly, however, ended its regular two-year session late last month. The state Senate is expected to wrap up its two-year session with a final floor debate on March 20. Walker said Monday it’s possible he could call a special session to address the bills.  Vos issued a news release late Tuesday afternoon reiterating that the Assembly’s regular session is over but he would welcome a call from Walker to reconvene in a special session on school safety.  “We want every Wisconsin parent to feel confident that their child is safe in school,” Vos said.  Asked for comment on Vos’ stance, Walker spokeswoman Amy Hasenberg said only that Walker was working on a school safety plan and it would be released before the Senate convenes on March 20.  Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said in a statement that the Senate will pass a school safety proposal that day and urged the Assembly to return to Madison in regular session to take up the measure.