3-14-18 fdl high school students participating in national walk out

Fond du Lac High School students are planning to participate in a national student walkout Wednesday on the one month anniversary of the deadly Florida high school shooting.   Superintendent Dr. Jim Sebert says two female high school students are organizing the event.  Sebert says the district needs to reach out to those students who may feel alone or even ostracized from the general student  body.  “Its really about trusting relationships and kids feeling connected to other kids, kids feeling connected to adults within the school, kids feeling connected to activities in the school.   All of  those pieces are critical in terms of having a culture and a school climate that avoids this type of  horrific event,”  Sebert told WFDL news.  Meanwhile Sebert says three high school students who were involved in a threat posted on social media last week are being punished.  Sebert says the students have been suspended and face expulsion as well as potential criminal charges.  The students told police the threat was meant as a joke to cancel school.  Most students stayed home from school last week after learning of the threat.