4-16-18 fdl county da says he’s confident law is on county’s side regarding placement of out of county sex offender

The Fond du Lac County District Attorney  says he’s confident the law is on the  county’s side when it comes to the placement of an out of county child sex offender in Fond du Lac County.  A Marinette judge last week stayed his order to place Jeffrey Butler at a town of Eldorado residence  pending a hearing on a motion to rescind  his order.  Fond du Lac County DA, Eric Toney,  says the problem  is the Marinette  judge’s interpretation of the word “facility”   in the old chapter 980 law to mean house.  “This judge is the only judge in the entire state that I’m aware of that took the word “facility”  to mean house,”  Toney told WFDL news.  Toney says there has to be more accountability  at DHS when it comes to placing these individuals for supervised release.  Toney says Fond du lac County is targeted, in part, because of a contract the state has with the landlord of the Nitschke Road house.  “If someone wants to make money you can’t really blame them for that but this contract invites these out of county placements.”    In reaction to a chaperone having sex with a sexually violent person at the Nitschke Road house Toney says he can’t understand why DHS feels  its appropriate to contract out the monitoring of these offenders to non-professionals who are paid $12 to $14 an hour.  James Broeders was returned to the Sand Ridge Treatment facility last fall after  authorities learned about his sexual relationship with the chaperone.