8-10-18 fdl public works budget

A couple of major street projects and replacing city transit buses are the big ticket items in next year’s proposed Fond du lac Public Works budget.   Public Works director Jordan Skiff gave the city council a budget preview at their meeting this week.  Skiff says big ticket items include reconstruction on Highway V, and North Main Street and full replacement of the Arndt Street bridge.   Skiff says the city also plans to begin replacing several city buses.  “We have seven coach buses and three are in the pipeline to be replaced with the funding starting next year,”  Skiff told WFDL news.  Skiff says it takes so long for buses to be built that the city probably won’t take ownership of the new vehicles for a year or two after that.  Skiff says planning work will start next year on the West Division Street bridge, Pioneer Road and a new Lakeside Park Pavilion.  He says demolition of the existing Pavilion on Promen  Drive and construction of the new Pavilion is slated for 2020.