8-9-18 city of fdl assisting in business expansions

The city of Fond du Lac is providing  financial assistance to help with three major building projects in the city.    The city council has approved  amending the Tax Incremental  District for the Retlaw Hotel project, and creating TIDS for a Mid-States Aluminum expansion and a new C.D. Smith Construction corporate headquarters building.  City manager Joe Moore says the District would provide $500,000 to help C.D. Smith construct a nearly 21,000 square foot corporate headquarters  in the Ledgeview Corporate Center.  Moore  says the city would contribute $575,000 for two additions at Mid-States.  The amended TID would  provide $400,000 to help redevelop two buildings adjacent to the Retlaw Hotel  in downtown Fond du Lac.  Moore says the projects are all indicators of a strong, local economy.