2-9-19 investigation shows fdl man died from cocaine overdose

The Fond du lac County District Attorney says no criminal charges will be filed against three Fond du Lac police officers  following the death of a Fond du lac man shortly after his arrest two days before Christmas.   DA Eric Toney says an investigation shows that 37 year old Christopher Cary died from a cocaine overdose and that the officers acted appropriately during the traffic stop.  Police officers Sandra O’Donnell, Brandon Meudt and Trenton Smith were all placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation and returned to regular duty status January 10.  Cary  was arrested December 23 following a traffic stop in downtown Fond du Lac and placed in the back seat of a squad car when he began exhibiting signs of medical distress.   He was transported to St. Agnes Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.    Toney says an investigation indicates that Cary voluntarily ingested the cocaine in an apparent effort to avoid police from detecting it during the traffic stop.  An autopsy determined that Cary died from acute cocaine toxicity.