7-12-19 state budget-uw oshkosh

The UW-Oshkosh chancellor says a state budget signed by the governor funds the start of a teacher-education center project on the UW-Oshkosh campus. Chancellor Andrew Leavitt says sthe budget will help the university begin the long-awaited renovations of the Clow Social Science Center/Nursing education building.  Leavitt says a half million dollars in the state budget allows design work to begin now and construction to launch beginning in 2021.  Leavitt says the renovations will help UW Oshkosh create an educational center that will provide innovative instructional environments for the teachers of tomorrow, particularly those in the STEM area.   On the operations side, Leavitt says UW system employees will be getting a pay raise,  even though Republicans nixed the governor’s plan to back lost tuition revenue with additional state aid.   “I will say we’re very grateful for it.  Don’t get me wrong about that, our employees are long overdue for this kind of adjustment if not more, we’re very grateful for that opportunity,”  Leavitt told WFDL news.  “…but it’s pretty much going to consume the entire allocation that we get here at UW Oshkosh to satisfy this raise.”