3-31-20 fdl area senior center director warns area seniors to beware of stimulus package scams

The Fond  du Lac Senior Center director is warning area seniors about scams involving the new stimulus package.  Cathy Loomans says these scammers prey on the elderly and most vulnerable.   “Especially now because many of these people are isolated looking for anybody that’s willing to talk to them,”  Loomans told WFDL news.  “It would be very easy to call, befriend somebody , eventually get them to start trusting you and then provide bank account information or credit card information.  Before they know it they’re a victim.”    Loomans says the FBI has already issued warnings that the US Government will never send an email asking for people’s personal information to get federal aid and no phone calls will be made asking for that information.  According to The Ways and Means Committee, eligibility for checks from the IRS will be based on 2018 and 2019 returns, and for Social Security (retirement and disability) and Railroad Retirement beneficiaries, they will use information from the Social Security Administration and Railroad Retirement Board.  Checks will be mailed directly to individuals.