5-29-20 convalescent blood transfusions

Doctor Todd Straus says he is hopeful that convalescent blood transfusions will be able to help successfully treat patients suffering from COVID-19.   Dr. Straus is the Chief Medical Officer at The Community Blood Center in Appleton.  The Community Blood Center is calling on those who have been diagnosed and since recovered from COVID-19 to consider making a plasma donation.  Straus says the hope is that antibodies in the plasma will help patients fight off the infection and prevent them from getting more seriously ill or even start to improve their condition.  “Until we can get a vaccine up and working this might be one of the better ways to help decrease the severity of any infection when people do get it,”  Dr. Straus told WFDL news.    Interested individuals can learn more by calling (800) 280-4102 or by visiting The Community Blood Center website at  www.communityblood.org.