5-29-20 in-person circuit court hearings and jury trials

The Fond du Lac County District Attorney says local judges are working on a plan to resume in-person hearings and jury trials.   The Wisconsin Supreme Court last week issued an order allowing individual courts to resume in-person proceedings on a county-by county basis if each court prepares a plan that requires everyone in the courtroom to wear masks and clean frequently touched surfaces.  District Attorney Eric Toney says he is hopeful that in-person jury trials will be able to resume this year.   “We’ll have to see what plan our judges come up with, and so I don’t know what those things will look like and I don’t know what the public health environment will look like,”  Toney told WFDL news.     Toney says it’s not tenable to put the entire court on hold month after month.  He says the constitutional rights of defendants have to be respected, while at the same time protecting the health of people in the courtroom.