9-16-20 senator ron johnson say president trump has done a “fantastic” job dealing with pandemic

Republican U.S. senator Ron Johnson says he thinks president Donald Trump has done a fantastic job dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.  Johnson was responding to comments by Trump acknowledging he played down the projected impact of the deadly coronavirus early this year because he meant to avoid creating a panic.  Johnson says he was concerned about the thin line between  civilized behavior and anarchy when the pandemic began.  “I remember you couldn’t buy toilet paper.  I remember reports coming in early in this crisis where people were literally walking into grocery stores, filling up carts and walking out,”  Johnson told WFDL news.  A new book reveals that Trump was warned in January that the virus had the potential to kill millions .  Yet Trump reassured Americans publicly that the virus was “very well under control.”   Today, more than 190,000 have died in the U.S. so far and millions have been infected.