210 South Main Street
Fond du Lac, WI 54935
(920) 924 – 9697
(920) 929 – 8865 – Fax
Open M-F: 8am-5pm

Additional Contacts:

Keith Heisler- Program Director WFDL  –  920-924-9697 x 128

Terry Davis – Sales and Advertising 920-924-9697 x 103 

Greg Stensland- News Director 920-924-9697 X115

Kerry Longrie- Billing Dept @ Traffic Manager x 108

Nick Rusch- Manager am1170 WFDL x 112

Aaron Flannery- Promotions Director and Social Media Manager-920-924-9697x 117

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  1. Julie Petrie

    Would you please send me any information on how to enter a school closing on your radio station. You may have our old name listed but we need to change that. We were Consolidated Parochial Elementary School but now we are Holyland Catholic School. Any information would be great. I am working on updating all my paperwork in this procedure.

    Thanks you for you help.

  2. William Drexel

    I am Commandant of the FDL USMCL 552. I tried to add a veteran to the Marian Veteran of the month yesterday but the form didn’t come up. I will tell you his name and why I think he should be on the list. His name is Greg Curwen. He is a real Hero. This Marine was awarded 3 Purple Hearts. The Silver Star, 2 Bronze Stars and many other metals for his bravery in Vietnam. He even had a poem written about him. I have his complete story and the poem as was written in our detachment news letter if you would like to read it. Please let me know.

    Respectfully Yours
    William Drexel
    Commandant USMCL FDL Det. 552

  3. Anne

    just wanted to let you know this morning when you played the snippet of the Rep. debate the announcer stated it was a banter between Trump and Rubio, however, it was Cruz and Trump. Thank you

  4. Calvin Landaal

    I’m at church and this is the message I received after running the Configuration Wizard, hope this helps!

    PASS 3.16.0
    Response: 230 logged on.
    Checking for correct external IP address
    IP bjc-bgi-b-bji
    Response: 510 Mismatch. Your IP is, hb-ih-bbh-jg
    Wrong external IP address
    Connection closed

  5. Andrea

    Can someone post the studio hours on here? It would be very helpful to people who have won something and need to come pick it up. Thank you!

  6. Mason Kelter

    Can you guys by chance post a schedule for your shows? I know you have a page that shows all of the different programs and what not, but do you think you could either send me an on air schedule or post one to your website? Thanks so much, and thanks for adding Open House Party! I literally cried of happiness when you guys did that!


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